Sunday, December 6, 2015

Creating a Contact Form on Weebly

In two of my blog posts I have discussed linking my Google Analytics account and then tracking a conversion. However, to do this I needed to create a Weebly account and add a separate page that way we could view the conversion on Google Analytics.  Here is how I set this Weebly site up.  

First, I logged into my account and clicked the Edit Site button.  

At the top of the page I clicked PAGES.  I then clicked the "+" to add a new page.  Here you can see the page titled Contact.

Once you have created your new page, you can add Elements. The Element I chose to add was the Contact Form. You can add this to your page by dragging and dropping.  Easy! Weebly limits the placement of this form, but this was just for practice so I don't mind too much. See the finished page here.  

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