Thursday, December 3, 2015

You Need to Understand More Fully Who You Are

Chapter 7 of What Color is Your Parachute is about learning about yourself.  The more you know about yourself, the better you will be able to explain to others what you have to offer.  This chapter guides you through different exercises that help you learn to describe yourself several different ways. This will also help you to approach the several different job markets.

After completing these exercises about yourself, you will be able to use the Parachute Method to find a job. You will know more about yourself, and have the ability to convey this information to your future employers. Using the parachute method is the best way to find your dream job.  You will match your skills to an organization. This results in a perfect fit, both for you and your employer.

These exercises will help you describe what is unique about you.  They will also help you to learn to describe yourself using traits rather than adjectives.  You have this advantage over your competition. These exercises will also help those who are looking for a career-change to understand what path to take.

what color is your parachute THE FLOWER

All the exercises revolve around 7 questions you must ask yourself.  These questions will lead you to realizing what it is you're meant to be doing.

1.  My Favorite Knowledges or Fields of Interest
This first question helps to understand what you know.  This is a better way to describe who you are, by listing what you know, and what your favorite knowledges or fields of interest are.

2.  My Preferred Kinds of People to Work With
Don't think coworkers, think customers.  Who are the people you would like to work with on a day-to-day basis.  Think about age span, problems, handicaps, geographic location, etc.  Think of the people you believe you can serve best, and would like to serve.

3.  What I Can Do and Love to Do (My Favorite Transferable Skills)
Another way to describe who you are is by thinking of what you can do.  What are your sills?  What are your favorite skills that you enjoy using, that can be used for your future job.

4.  My Favorite Working Conditions
The fourth area that will help you understand more about yourself is understanding the type of place you would like to work.  Would you prefer working for a small company or a large one?  Think of all the variables of a workplace.  What are your favorites? This is important because this will enable you to be the most effective while you're at work.

5.  My Preferred Salary and Level of Responsibility
Are you a team player?  Or do you prefer working on your own?  Would you rather be managing and running the show, or supporting?  Think about where you feel the most comfortable and your experience.

6.  My Preferred Place(s) to Live
This one is pretty straight forward.  Where do your best work, and where would you like to live?  The book lists cold/warm, mountains/coast, etc.  There are many possibilities.

7.  My Goal, Purpose, or Mission in Life
If you were to work at your dream organization in your dream position, what would your mission for the company or for yourself be?

This entire chapter is dedicated to leading an you through these exercises and understanding yourself completely.  The book encourages you to work through all the exercises on sheets of paper, and then consolidate everything into a single sheet.  The book suggests a flower with many petals.  The petals represent each part of you.

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