Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tracking a Conversion

In a previous blog post I discussed creating a Weebly site, linking my Google Analytics account to it, and then creating a goal in Google Analytics to help understand a conversion.  This blog post will cover tracking this conversion.

The goal I chose to set up was an acquisition.  On my Weebly site I created a separate page where a visitor could complete a contact form.  To make sure that I had set this up correctly I asked a few of my classmates to complete this form, and I completed it as well.  Now, let's take a look.

On the left-hand side of your Google Analytics Dashboard there are many options available to segment your data.  I want to view the goal I have created.  Scroll down to Conversion.

Then, beneath Conversion select Goals, and then click Overview.  

Here, we can see that my setup was successful.  I have had 4 conversion within the past month.  As I discussed in my last blog post you can choose from a long list of conversions and assign a dollar amount to them as well.  This well help you understand how conversions are to a company.  

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