Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to Create a Site Map on Blogger

Blogger offers a number of gadgets to add to your blog.  I have been able to add badges to my blog using the HTML/Javascript gadget.  Adding a sitemap to your site will help readers find what they're looking for.  It will also give them an opportunity to search around your site within a specific set of categories.  This makes browsing easier.  For example, if I'm looking for Christmas cookie recipes on a food blogger's site they may have labeled these recipes for me on their site map, making it easier for me to find what I'm looking for.  I may return again and again because of the ease of use.  

Step 1:  Head over to your blogger account and click Layout.  

Step 2:  Next, click Add a Gadget.

Step 3:  Find the gadget titled Labels.  Then click on the arrow.  This will add the gadget to your site. You can adjust the placement. 

Step 4:  These are the default settings.  I chose to keep them because this seemed like the most organized way to list them.  You can also change the name from Labels to whatever you wish.

The photo on the left is of the site map on my site with the labels I have chosen to use so far.  I have not gone through my entire blog labeling each blog post yet.  The photo on the right is of the post settings box that appears as you write and edit your blog posts.  This makes labeling much easier because the labels have been saved.  Once you click on a saved label it is automatically placed in the box.  

Can you think of any other benefits to adding a site map to your blog?

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